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1. Why can't I get the program to run on my computer?

Does your computer meet the minimum requirements?

Do you have administrative rights on your computer?

Minimum requirements:

    Operating systems: Windows XP or Vista, Mac OSX 10.5, Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4., Other Linux distributions as long as they include JDK 1.5+

    Browsers: Internet Explorer (IE) 7, Firefox 3 and Safari

    The system has been tested on the following operating Systems and Browsers: Windows XP - IE 7.x,8.x, Firefox 2.x, 3.x, Safari 3.x, Opera 8.x,9.x Chrome 1.x

    Windows Vista - IE 7.x, 8.x, Firefox 2.x,3.x, Safari 3.x, Chrome 1.x

    Mac OSX 10.5 - IE 7.x, 8.x, Firefox 2.x,3.x, Safari 3.x, Chrome 1.x

    For the server (Network/EHR) versions: MySQL (use version 5.1), Tomcat (use version 6.0)

    You must install the latest Java version. Click on this link for download:

2. I can’t download the application – I get started but a window pops up telling me I must have ‘administrative rights’ in order to proceed.

Many work places now limit individual users ability to download programs or they create firewalls that may block access to downloading or use. Check with your IT staff to see if you have administrative rights and if your organization's firewall would be causing the problem. You also should check to see if your popup blocker may somehow be affecting the download process.

3. How do HIPAA regulations apply to the interactive Asthma Action Plan applications?

The online “Kiosk” version completely erases all information once the program window is closed. The server site is a secured site (note the small lock in the left hand corner of the screen), which prevents access by intruders while the user is in process. The downloadable versions: desktop, network and electronic health record are used via a closed network within a health care system or a clinic office. Any closed system that is used should be maintained under current HIPAA regulations. It is up to the individual user/medical provider downloading and using the application to determine security measures needed and provide security measures that comply with all federal and local regulations.

4. New medications come out periodically and health plan formularies change all the time. How do I know when new medications are added or old ones are eliminated from the database?

MDH will update the medication reference database when major medication releases occur. “Major” releases are considered FDA approvals on new medications or FDA approvals for use of popular current medications in other age categories previously not recommended. We anticipate performing database updates at least once yearly. MDH collects demographic information of individuals who download the application. We will send out email notifications to that user indicating an update is available and instructing them to proceed to the IAAP website to download the update. The iAAP application is state/region neutral meaning there are no health plan specific formularies included in the application. Some medications may be more or less available in some areas but it is up to providers to be aware of availability for their area and select medications accordingly.

5. Why doesn’t the iAAP offer me the medication type and dose I always use for my patients?

There are many reasons this could be happening: Your patient's severity or control level may not match the treatment plan step where that medication is offered. *You have the option of overriding the EPR-3 determined treatment plan step by clicking on the “override treatment step” button on the treatment plan screen.

  • The treatment plan you select must contain that category of medication as an option in order to order it on the medication screen.
  • The medication may no longer be FDA approved or it is not approved for your patients age group. *Overriding the treatment step will not override age group parameters for medication doses. You may choose another treatment plan that potentially offers the dosage level of the medication you are seeking.
  • The medication may not be an approved “asthma” medication. Allergy and COPD specific medications are not included in the iAAP database because they are not listed in the EPR-3 treatment sets.
  • You may click on the back key to change your selections and then continue to proceed on through the plan.

    6. The print is too small/large on the printed plans and prints out on 2 pages.

    Variations in your personal printer and browser settings may result in some iAAP documents expanding onto 2 pages. Most iAAP documents can fit on one page though it may take some experimenting. To help you maintain the one page per document format, we recommend the following printer settings for your browser:

    • Headers and Footers should be set to empty or blank
    • Margins should be set at or near the minimum allowable distance
    • Print background colors and images should be turned on
    • Adjust your printer settings. Printers - select your printer and adjust font sizing and page parameters as necessary. Consult your internal IT personnel for assistance.

    7. My patient’s control assessment shows an improvement from ‘very poorly controlled’ to ‘not well controlled’ during her recent visit. The iAAP offered the same treatment plan step and including 1 step up as the last appointment. Why is it not offering me treatment plans to step her down?

    Until your patient’s asthma is ‘well controlled’, the iAAP won’t offer lesser levels of treatment steps. You may select different medications or treatment plans within the same step level to see if your patient does better on a alternate selection but stepping down a patient's treatment plan when their asthma is still not well controlled goes against guidelines.

    8. How do I re-print copies of the AAP at a later date? (download versions)
    • Login into the system and select the "search" button
    • Select the patient name and appointment date the AAP was created
    • Select "view/print" the last AAP

    9. I filled everything out but the patient information disappeared when I closed the program.

    The Kiosk or web based iAAP will not retain any patient information once you close the window. This is a security feature and prevents MDH from having to retain a patient database. The only information the iAAP retains is the user's login information.

    If you want to retain patient information for your records electronically, consider downloading one of the 3 downloadable versions: desktop, network or electronic health record.

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    Technical Support

    Still having problems?
    For Questions or Technical support:

    A. For problems using the iAAP, having difficulty figuring out the steps or process, or you have a general comment or suggestion, please contact:
    Susan Ross RN, AE-C at
    651-201-5629 or email [email protected]

    B. If you are having difficulty with the download process and your computer meets all program requirements (See #1) or you have questions regarding network or electronic health record installation, please contact:
    MDH Systems Administrator, Todd Roden, 651-201-4984 or email [email protected]

    C. If you have questions regarding how to create additional tools or processes that compliment the iAAP or you wish to contract for technical assistance for your facility/office please contact:

    Object Partners Inc. (OPI)

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