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Installation of Network and Electronic Health Record iAAP versions

To install the server version of the iAAP application:

  1. Install and start mySql (version 5.1) and create an iAAP database.
    • MySql installation instructions and downloads are available from https://www.mysql.com/
    • Optional, install MySQL Workbench 5.2

  2. Initialize the iAAP mySql database using the supplied script (iaap-1.0-mysql-initialization-script.sql).

  3. Java SDK 1.6 is required. 
    • Check the Java version by going to a command prompt and executing:   javac –version (this will check the version of the Java compiler to ensure that the SDK is installed)
    • If not running 1.6, Download and Install Java 1.6
    • Java download website: https://www.oracle.com/fr/java/technologies/javase-java-archive-javase6-downloads.html
    • Make sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and pointing to the 1.6 SDK installation folder.

  4. Install tomcat 6.0.
  5. Configure a JNDI DataSource in Tomcat by adding a resource declaration for your resource to your context .xml file. (See README_datasource-config.txt for an example)
    • The location of the context.xml file is YOUR_TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/conf/context.xml

  6. Copy the mySql JDBC driver (mysql-connector-java-5.1.10-bin.jar) into tomcat's lib directory.
    • The location of the tomcat lib directory is YOUR_TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/lib

  7. Copy the iaap.war file into tomcat's webapps directory.
    • If you are replacing a previous iAAP version or reinstalling, you should delete the YOUR_TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/webapp/iaap directory.
    • The location of the tomcat webapp directory is YOUR_TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR/webapp

  8. Start tomcat.
    • The application has a single pre-configured.

      username = admin
      password = bronchiole

  9. Login and reset the password immediately.

Network/EHR Installation (PDF: 21KB/2 pages)

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