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Minimum Requirements: 

Operating systems:

  • Windows XP or Vista,
  • Mac OSX 10.5
  • Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4. Other Linux distributions as long as they include JDK 1.5+

A minimum of 1GB RAM (memory) is recommended.


  • Internet Explorer (IE) 7,
  • Firefox 3 and Safari

The system has been tested on the following operating Systems and Browsers:

  • Mac OSX 10.5
    Firefox 2.x, 3.x, Safari 3
  • Windows XP
    IE 7.x, 8.x; Firefox 2.x, 3.x; Safari 3.x; Opera 8.x, 9.x; Chrome 1.x
  • Windows Vista
    IE 7.x, 8.x; Firefox 2.x,3.x; Safari 3.x; Chrome 1.x

For the server versions:

  • MySQL (use version 5.1)
  • Tomcat (use version 6.0)
  • You must install the latest Java version

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Minimum requirements:



Version Descriptions:

The iAAP is available via a web based kiosk or can be downloaded to run either on a desktop or for installation on the user's own web server:

  • Web based (Kiosk) - does not retain any patient information or require any downloads, configuration or maintenance by the user.

  • Desktop - for smaller offices where you may only have 2-3 providers. This version is installed on the hard drive of each providers’ individual computer. This version utilizes an embedded web application server and database to store the data so a system or database administrator is not needed. Installation for those with windows operating systems is completed with a very easy ‘click to install’ process.

  • Network - for larger offices or multiple clinic sites that have an intranet or closed internal system and the program is installed on the clinic or facilities web server. This allows access to the program from multiple workstations and sites while maintaining the iAAP patient information and eliminating access by users outside that clinic or hospital system. This version utilizes an external web application server and database server to run the application and to persist patient data. This version will initially require the support of a network/system administrator with experience in database management and Tomcat server configuration..

  • Electronic health record - has the same abilities as the network version but it also has the potential to send and receive specific information from designated EHR pathways the user sets. This version will require the support of a network/system administrator with experience in database management and Tomcat server configuration. A programmer with experience working with electronic health records may be needed to write programs or scripts to reformat the data so that it can be transferred from the iAAP application to the electronic health record.

Additionally, the downloadable versions send an HL7 compatible prescription message to the users internal medication processing and verification program.

Security Precautions
The iAAP has a secure login process as a precaution, but ultimately it is up to the user or facility to create and maintain a secure environment for the iAAP program. Because the application will contain some limited patient information, it should be subject to the same security precautions normally taken for all health records. The intensity of security is up to the user since it is an independent tool that isn’t actually integrated into the electronic health record (EHR).

It’s important to note that there is no exchange of information or data with MDH once the user has downloaded the program – the iAAP is a free standing tool.

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