TESTOGEN review: My results after 30 days

Testogen is one of the most known testosterone boosters. It is safe to use and has no side effects; that is why it is preferred over supplements that actually contain testosterone, which cause more harm than good. Testogen is made of natural ingredients which help the body’s natural way of producing and releasing more testosterone. If you have tried everything in bed or at the gym and you are still not satisfied, you should definitely consider trying Testogen because it:
  1. Increases your muscle size and strength
  2. Increases your libido and sex drive
  3. Improves your physical and mental performance.

Testogen: a steroid safe and legal alternative to boost your testosterone level

Testogen is considered to be one of the best testosterone boosters for 2021. The best thing about Testogen is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients are well mixed together, to help increase the levels of testosterone in your blood. Testosterone is very important for many aspects in your life, from muscle building to your sexual health.

If you are experiencing signs of low testosterone levels like low sex drive, trouble in gaining muscle size, low energy and trouble with erections, you should definitely consider this product. Not only it will help your outer self, but it will also make you feel more energetic, happy and less moody.

The company who produces Testogen claims that this product will start giving its effects in just two weeks of using it in a proper way. It also claims that Testogen is safe to use and doesn’t give you any side effects.

Although it is made of natural ingredients, you should always be cautious when using a supplement. To see the maximum benefits you should take it regularly. If you are currently using any other drugs for other medical conditions, consult your doctor, so Testogen doesn’t interfere with your medication.

What can you expect from a 30 days Testogen cure?

The company claims that you can start seeing the effects of the Testogen cure in only two weeks. The ingredients in Testogen are combined to assure you of Testogen’s effectiveness. These are some of the benefits you can expect from a 30 days Testogen cure: you will start building muscle faster and it will improve your performance at the gym.

No more workouts without results. This is one of many good things about Testogen, because you can take this supplement even if you have normal testosterone levels, but you just want to take that extra step to make your body stronger. After taking the right dosage regularly, you will notice your muscles are getting bigger and firmer.

But using only Testogen won’t be as effective if you stop going to the gym or don’t eat the right diet. These two factors are also important when it comes to gaining muscles. Testogen helps reverse hypogonadism and also helps you lose that extra fat around your belly. Being overweight can cause the levels of testosterone to drop, so Testogen comes at rescue.

Boosting your testosterone levels doesn’t only affect your muscles. This supplement also increases your physical and mental performance; it increases your confidence and focus as well. Another thing this supplement does is that it enhances your libido and enhances your bed performance.

After only a month of using Testogen you will feel more energetic and less moody. You will be motivated to go to the gym, and do everything else in your life without feeling lazy. Testogen is simple to consume, make sure to always use the recommended dosage, nothing more or less if you want to see great results.

Be careful if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, so keep in mind to check the ingredients before you order it. Another thing you should consider before buying this supplement is if you are using any other type of medication. Although Testogen is made of natural ingredients, they might interfere with your medication or your other health issues. So, it is better to consult a doctor before using it.

Which ingredients does Testogen contains?

Testogen is made of natural ingredients. Let’s see which these ingredients are, and what are their benefits?
  1. D-Aspartic Acid is one of the main ingredients of Testogen. Their company also claims that their product is the only one on the market who was more of it per serving. D-Aspartic Acid is an essential amino acid which is needed to release the luteinizing hormone and the production of testosterone.
  2. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for the production of testosterone and Testogen is very rich in this ingredient. A study has shown that the levels of testosterone will rise by 26% if Magnesium is taken at a dosage of 750 mg per day. Magnesium is also helpful for a good night’s sleep.
  3. Vitamin D3 is a very important ingredient when it comes to boosting up your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that men who have normal vitamin D levels have higher testosterone levels and a healthier sexual life than the men who have a significantly lower level of this Vitamin.
  4. Nettle Leaf Extract is a very important and well known ingredient in the Western herbal medicine. This ingredient reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Nettle leaf extract increases your blood testosterone levels by binding with the sex hormone binding globulin, thus stopping testosterone from binding with it.
  5. Korean Red Ginseng Extract is an Asian herb which has served for years as a natural libido stimulator. It fights erectile dysfunctions as well as it boosts your immune system. This ingredient has also potential benefits against tumors.
  6. Fenugreek Extract is a Mediterranean herb which increases your testosterone levels and libido. This ingredient works the same way the Nettle Leaf Extract does; it stops the sex hormone binding globulin from binding with testosterone, therefore your free testosterone levels will increase.
  7. Other ingredients include: Vitamin K1, B6, Zinc, Boron and Bioperine.

What is the pricing?

Their official website offers various deals for whatever you need. The price depends on which package you choose. The more you buy, the less you spend. A one month’s supply costs $59.99. The three months’ supply costs $119.99, and it contains three boxes, one of which comes for free. The most popular deal is the five months’ supply which contains 5 boxes, 2 of them are for free. These deals have also free shipping. There are some other deals that include the Testogen drops too. So, if you order the one month’s supply it will also include one bottle of Testodrops for a price of $89.99. The three months’ supply includes three bottles of Testodrops as well as the supplement for a price of $189.97. The last offer on their page is the five months’ supply, with 5 bottles of Testodrops for a price of $284.96.

Where can I buy Testogen?

Testogen is not found in your local drug stores. The best place to order the real deal is on their official website. Another trusted place to order Testogen is Amazon. If you want to benefit from their deals, it is best if you order it on their page. There are different discounts on their page, and they depend on how much you want to buy. The more you buy, the more you save. Ordering this product on their site is risk free and you will also benefit from their 100 day money back guarantee.

What is the delivery delay?

The delivery delay depends on where you live. Their website says that they include free untracked shipping in the US for all their packages and it takes 5 to 7 days for it to arrive. If you want tracked and faster shipping, you can pay an extra price of $7.49, and it will arrive in less than 4 days. According to their official page the shipping fees and the delivery delay are the same for countries outside the US, but I doubt that it will take less than 4 days for the package to arrive somewhere outside the US.
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